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… the continually ongoing breakfast in the open space

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  • 12/07/09 Olive Morris memorial breakfast Brixton

    Olive Morris memorial breakfast Sunday 12 July – 12 midday start Juntion of Marcus Garvey Way and Railton Road On the anniversary of Olive Morris death we will convene for breakfast in a public space at the heart of Brixton, the area formerly known as The Triangle or The Frontline, a space emblematic of the [...]

  • there is no free lunch… … but permanent breakfast…

    Beyond the Economy “There´s no such thing as a free lunch” … but permanent breakfast… [Scene one:]      “I don´t have time. ´´ said the old man leading a child by the hand across the main plaza in the town of Güssing. His pace increased after he was invited for coffee. Others are so agitated that [...]